Contract Disputes

Until recently, the majority of contract disputes were resolved using arbitration or litigation. Unfortunately, these less than perfect processes resulted in owners and contractors walking away from the situation unsatisfied with the outcome.

Mediation, something that is just now growing in popularity for dealing with contract disputes, puts the disputants in control of the process, the costs, and the outcome. The vast majority of contract dispute cases in which mediation is attempted – either voluntarily or by court order – are resolved successfully

Mediation is especially helpful in contract disputes because it makes it easier to deal with complex and emotional details. The process allows those involved in the dispute to explore their options and determine not just a way to end the dispute, but to craft the ideal outcome for all involved. Resolutions that are not an option in the courtroom or in arbitration are a possibility when parties decide to mediate the dispute. And mediation has the added benefit of potentially preserving mutually beneficial business relationships.

If you are involved in a contract dispute and you are hoping to avoid litigation, Lawrence Gordon can help. Lawrence knows how difficult it can be to resolve contract disputes and that in most cases, when litigation is involved, both parties walk away unhappy with the outcome. His forty years of experience negotiating settlements means he is able to help you resolve conflicts in the most efficient and effective manner and potentially save mutually beneficial relationships.

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