Insurance Disputes

Insurance disputes tend to escalate quickly and can force everyone involved into a heated courtroom battle. Luckily there is a better option. Mediation offers a path to reach a mutually beneficial resolution that is fair and respectful for both parties.

In mediation, a third-party neutral mediator facilitates conversation between the two sides. They are able to explore all possible outcomes – not just those that would be available via litigation – and reach a resolution that is crafted specifically for their case. Mediation is less time-consuming, less expensive, and less frustrating than other methods of resolution for legal disputes.

Not only does mediation cost less and take less time, has it also allowed for the matter to remain confidential. Parties are able to speak openly and honestly about the issue without concern for information becoming a matter of public record or setting a precedent for other cases. This is often enough to open the door to meaningful negotiations that result in a mutually beneficial outcome for all involved in the matter.

If you are involved in an insurance dispute and you want to avoid litigation, Lawrence Gordon can help. Lawrence knows that the courtroom is rarely the best place to resolve a legal dispute. His forty years of experience negotiating settlements allows him to help you resolve pending conflicts involving issues such as personal injuries and other insurance disputes in an efficient and effective manner.

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