On the eve of trial, Lawrence mediated a very complex, high value case for me last year. Both sides expected the case to be tried as the damages were so significant, but there were numerous defenses to both fault and causation. Nevertheless, Lawrence was able to get through to both sides and broker a fair settlement. My client was thrilled with the result.

I will have my office follow up on the Musgrove payment.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

David A. Kirsch
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Our clients and our law firm recently mediated a vigorously-contested liability and causation case with Lawrence Gordon of Phoenix Mediation. Given the response to our pre-suit demand and the tenor of the protracted litigation, it appeared as if it was going to be one of those mediations that would impasse quickly. It started out slow, but Lawrence Gordon remained patient and he insisted that the participants continue their dialogue rather than leave the mediation setting when it appeared that any hope of a settlement was lost. Lawrence worked methodically throughout the day and he ultimately brought the decision-makers to a successful resolution. I enthusiastically recommend Lawrence Gordon/Phoenix Mediation.

Todd Romano
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I am pleased to have the opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Lawrence Gordon of Phoenix Mediation Services. I had the good fortune of having Lawrence mediate a case that I thought had next to zero chance of getting resolved. Lawrence brought his vast years of experience to the mediation process and was able to get the case settled.

Robert T. Bergin, Jr.
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

I have had the pleasure of having Lawrence Gordon serve as mediator on a several cases. He brings a wealth of experience to the table having worked as a senior claims manager for several large U.S. insurance companies as well as working at one of the preeminent Plaintiff’s firms in the country. Because of this, he understands what drives each side of the table as well as the decision making mechanics at work during the mediation. He is able to combine this unique skill set with an ability to connect with the parties to move the case towards resolution. I have had very positive experience mediating with Lawrence Gordon and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an experienced mediator.

William Abel
McLaughlin & Stern, LLP.