Wrongful Death Mediation

Mediation of wrongful death cases allow all sides involved in the event to meet privately and discuss the issues at hand, and to then reach a fair and compassionate resolution. There are always raw emotions involved, including the pain of losing a loved one and remorse and regret of having played a role in that loss. There might also be anger and a desire for retribution and revenge.

Though these situations are extremely difficult, everyone can benefit from working toward a resolution using mediation and avoiding the hassle and frustration of the courtroom. Litigation tends to make the situation worse and while the plaintiff might receive restitution of some kind, the emotional aspects of their loss are never dealt with as they are in mediation.

Mediation offers the opportunity to gain emotional and spiritual healing. The loss remains unfair, but it is acknowledged and there is some measure of justice.

If you are involved in a wrongful death dispute and you are hoping to avoid the additional pain and frustration of litigation, Lawrence Gordon can help. Lawrence has been involved in a variety of negotiations and meditations during his 40 years of experience negotiating disputes. He has worked with all sides in various cases and he understands the perspectives of both plaintiffs and defendants. Lawrence knows that a resolution that is mutually beneficial and reached outside of the public domain of the courtroom is most often the best outcome for all involved. He has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator since 2010.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Lawrence, contact him at 561-655-4065 or by email at LGordon@PhoenixMediation.net.